Update Regarding the National Pollution Funds Center and COFR Applications

The National Pollution Funds Center has posted the following update regarding the government shutdown and the NPFC Vessel Certification Division closure.

Due to the partial government shutdown, the Vessel Certification Division at NPFC is only minimally staffed and Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) applications are not being processed. However, the ECOFR site will remain operational and all applicants and guarantors should continue to submit applications,  renewals and cancellations as normal. When a COFR holder advises the U.S. Coast Guard that they are enroute to a U.S. port, the Captain of the Port will check with NPFC  to see if a valid COFR exists on that vessel. Compliance determinations will be made  directly to the Captain of the Port office and the vessel owner/operator will be informed  accordingly. Delays in granting approval to enter U.S. waters may occur.