Our Innovative Worldwide Marine Vessel Pollution Liability Insurance Policy

More than 45 years ago, we developed a Worldwide Marine Vessel Pollution Policy form in response to the Water Quality Improvement Act of 1970, which expanded the federal government’s authority over water quality standards and water polluters. Its provisions stated that a discharging vessel was strictly liable for removal subject to very limited defenses, and also placed a limitation on liability with the vessel operator, which was required to prove it had the resources to pay for the spill’s cleanup costs up to its limit of liability. In addition, a Certificate of Financial Responsibility indicating proof must be obtained from the Federal Maritime Commission.

Our Worldwide Marine Pollution Liability was created to provide potential accidental water polluters from the liabilities they face under federal water regulations. This insurance policy covers losses such as cleanup, damage to natural resources, legal defense and civil penalties, and includes any Certificate of Financial Responsibility Guaranty when required and/or any Blue Card Guaranty in an approved signatory state.