Response Cost Documentation

Pollution incident costs can quickly run into the millions of dollars. WQIS provides Cost and documentation review expertise through their Spill Management Team (SMT) at each response. Knowing in real-time the projected costs of a discharge response protects the Assured from going into a protracted operation blind on costs – a frightening prospect.

The WQIS Assured’s often rely on the assistance of the WQIS SMT to help in identifying the particular responder that would be best suited for bringing the appropriate capability, value,
quality, and effectiveness to the response.

The WQIS Spill Management Team works with response contractors to secure fair rates, and then they document and confirm the quantities of labor, materials, and equipment utilized on a
daily basis throughout the response.

When the invoice is received, it is vetted by the SMT so that a prompt payment can be made to the contractor. We understand the importance of keeping the contractor in funds so that they can keep the project moving forward at the correct pace and scale. The invoice vetting performed by the SMT confirms that the agreed rate schedule is applied, and the correct quantities of labor, equipment, and materials are properly invoiced. The SMT and contractor will often meet to resolve any differences.

Due to the volume of spill responses attended by members of the WQIS Spill Management team, the SMT is able to negotiate preferred rates with many of the nation’s largest contractors. The WQIS SMT and the various contractors regularly meet at conferences, continuing education programs, and other industry meetings. Meeting with the contractors prior to the spill brings familiarity between response partners and strengthens the entire team to enable the best response. The SMT also keeps the Coast Guard, other authorities, and all stakeholders updated, so that they are made aware and can approve the costs for any excess of limit claims.