National Pollution Funds Center Announces Vessel Certification Division Closure

The Vessel Certification Division of the National Pollution Funds Center has made the following announcement: ************************************** Due to the Federal Government shutdown, the Vessel Certification Division will be closed. During the shutdown, the ECOFR site will remain operational. We will review all received applications in the order received once ... Read More

Petya Cyber Attack Strikes Ships, Terminals

A global cyber attack spread worldwide June 27, striking multiple shipping operations, including carrier lines and terminals. Internal systems as well as online booking applications were shuttered, causing port closures and potentially serious problems with terminal operating systems that control cargo logistics and ship berthing among many other terminal ... Read More

Bringing Order to a Disaster

A maritime pollution spill may truly be a disaster, and the first hours are the most critical: they can set the tone for the entire response—for good or ill. That’s why WQIS has engaged the best response and mitigation consultants in the business to assist our clients with an ... Read More