UPDATED: Single-hull Tank Vessel Phase-out

As we have previously advised, vessel owners and operators should be aware that the OPA 90 phase-out deadline for single-hull tank vessels was January 1, 2015. This means that it is now unlawful to operate any single-hull tank vessel subject to the double-hull requirements of 33 CFR part 157 (including any tank vessel with double sides only or a double bottom only) in United States waters after the above date and that violators will be subject to enforcement. See link

WQIS is a financial guarantor for OPA 90 Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) for single-hull tank vessels. Please be aware, however, that your COFR is not a permit to operate any vessel in US waters in violation of the single-hull tank vessel phase-out deadline. Additionally, any liabilities arising out of the continued operation of  a single-hull tank vessel in violation of the phase out deadline would not be covered under the WQIS Policy.  At renewal, any such vessels that are still on the vessel schedule will be deleted.

Please contact a WQIS underwriter if you have any questions regarding the single-hull tank vessel phase out or wish to advise us of any single-hull tank vessels that need to be removed from your vessel schedule.