WQIS Now Offering COFR Guarantees for the World’s Largest Vessels

The Water Quality Insurance Syndicate (WQIS) has announced that, as of June 5th, 2015, it will significantly increase the limits of its Certificate of Financial Responsibility offering, allowing coverage for the world’s largest vessels and providing an alternative for operators requiring a COFR at the most competitive rates in the market.

The New York-based WQIS is backed by 16 major insurance companies and currently provides pollution insurance to the owners and operators of over 30,000 vessels, mainly operating in U.S. waters. WQIS has been providing COFR guarantees since 1994, making it one of the first providers to do so.

“For WQIS, this is another milestone in our great history as an organization and I’m very excited about our enhanced offering,” said John Ryszetnyk, President and CEO of WQIS. “There is no company better suited to provide US COFR Guarantees than WQIS.”Complete details to be released in the coming days.
If you have questions on the new WQIS COFR Guarantee, you can speak directly with our dedicated underwriting team:

COFR@wqis.com |  212-292-8707