WQIS is dedicated to providing the broadest coverage in marine pollution insurance and creating the most responsive organization to serve the needs of our clients. With a history of being the pioneer of the original marine pollution policy, we have never stopped innovating. WQIS can boast a number of "firsts" including having the foresight to cover over 42 federal statutes, providing the first endorsements for Alaska and California, being ahead of the curve by issuing IMO Bunker Convention blue cards, and filing thousands of COFR certificates with the U.S. Coast Guard on behalf of its assureds.

Water Quality Insurance Syndicate provides coverage for spills and threats of spills from vessels.
WQIS pollution coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clean-up
  • Third party property damage
  • Subsistence
  • Assessment of and damage to natural resources
  • Loss of revenues and profits by third parties
  • Loss of public services
  • Defense
  • Investigation
  • Advertising
  • Civil penalties
  • Criminal fines
  • Defense and interest

WQIS Marine Pollution Insurance Policies include:

  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Commercial Marine Insurance
  • Vessel Insurance
  • Tug and Barge Insurance
  • Vessel General Permit (VGP) Coverage
  • Marine Insurance
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Fishing Boat Insurance
  • Ferry Insurance

WQIS provides pollution coverage for:

  • Vessel Owners and Operators (Including limited criminal penalties)
  • Cargo Owners
  • Shipyards (Repairers and Builders)
  • Yachts and Yacht Dealers
  • Mobile Drilling Units
  • Public Vessels
  • Tow Risks
  • Scrapping Risks
  • Banks (Repossessed Vessels)
  • Marina Owners & Operators
  • Non-vessel Owners

For vessels over 300GT that are required by law to have a federal Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR), we will provide the financial guaranty to the Coast Guard. Insuring with WQIS may also satisfy the requirements of individual states. In short, WQIS provides the broadest coverage in the market.