Water Quality Insurance Syndicate is the largest underwriter of pollution liability insurance for marine vessels in the United States.
Founded in 1971, WQIS has over 40 years of experience as an absolute specialist in the industry, focusing on the issues of marine pollution insurance.

WQIS is dedicated to providing the broadest coverage in marine pollution liability and creating the most responsive organization to serve the needs of our clients. With MPRG (Marine Pollution Response Group), WQIS has the most skilled and best-equipped team for spill cleanup in existence. WQIS is backed by 13 of the largest marine insurance companies in the world.

WQIS provides water pollution liability insurance for over 30,000 vessels operating in U.S. waters or traveling in international waters between U.S. ports. WQIS also provides COFR guarantees for over 3,500 vessels to the U.S. Coast Guard. And, vessels everywhere have been issued a WQIS Bunker Convention blue card.

The purpose of WQIS is focused:
To protect the sea, the owners/ operators of marine vessels, and cargo owners.